Your roof starts with a single shingle…and your shingles can deliver more than meets the eye. Joe Rangel of Allegiance Roofing says, “We’ve always been confident in the quality of CertainTeed shingles…and now their Landmark 30yr shingles come with an Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty to deliver style and durability we think you’ll love. That’s why a leading consumer magazine rated Landmark as a “Best Buy” for the second consecutive time. Our goal at Allegiance is to provide you with a superior roof…and that starts with a superior shingle.”

Roofing Shingle Repair

roofing shingle repairOur Texas weather can be rough on your roof. CertainTeed’s Landmark products are heavier by design than other companies’ products…for greater durability. Joe says, “As a roofing professional, I really appreciate CertainTeed’s third-party product verification. Underwriters Laboratory independently verifies that all of CertainTeed’s fiberglass products meet the quality standard of ASTM D3462 (tear strength, nail pull resistance, and wind uplift) and that all products meet 150 mph ASTM D7158 Class H wind test. That’s why they offer the Limited Lifetime Warranty on Landmark products, including a wind Warranty up to 130 miles per hour, and 10 year algae resistant warranty. When we use better roofing products on your roof, you get better results…and that’s what we want for all our customers!”

While you own your home, CertainTeed’s Landmark shingles are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects…or CertainTeed will pay to repair, replace or clean, defective ones. Joe says, “Here in Fort Bend and surrounding counties I’ve seen just about every roof under the sun. CertainTeed has 25 yrs of field experience, so they’ve got the knowledge…and they understand that the importance of appearance! That’s why their warranty protects against manufacturing defects…both aesthetic and performance-based.”