katy roofing companyAllegiance Roofing has been proudly serving as a Katy roofing company for over 10 years. We are deeply rooted in Katy, and we value our relationship with each and every resident we are fortunate enough to work with. One of our favorite customers, Joe Trainer, called us several months ago with a roofing problem that needed to be resolved immediately. Even though it was after-hours, Joe had just gotten off from work and noticed that a tree had fallen above his living room area. Without hesitation, Allegiance Roofing sent some of our best technicians out to service his home and repaired the damage before it was even time for him to go to sleep. As a local Katy roofer, we were proud to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to his call.

Emergency Repair Allegiance

When we received Joe’s call, the first thing we did was to assure him that our team was on its way and to remain outside of the damaged area. Since the tree had fallen on top of his living room area, we recommended him to walk around the house until our team was able to arrive and secure the area from any further damages.

Some concerns from emergency roof damage such as fallen trees or heavy objects include:

  • Increased collateral damage inside of your home
  • Water damage which could lead to serious issue such as mold or a weaken roof
  • The spread of damage over time. Remember that quick response could mean a world of difference in terms of damage and repair costs

Katy Roof Repair Costs

Because Joe was worried about the costs, our roofing technicians gave him a free inspection, along with a few different options on how to repair the roof’s damages. The estimate was completely free, and Joe was able to make an informed decision about what materials and services were best suited for his emergency needs. Having a falling tree damage your roof is an incredibly unfortunate event. We were happy to have been able to help Joe in his time of need.

Allegiance Roofing Professionals

Give our helpful and experienced staff members a call today, and when you are ever in need of roofing services. We are a full-service  roofing contractor that can accommodate most, if not all, roofing needs. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have over the phone, or you are welcome to come by to give you a free inspection.