Hail Damage

Hail damage is thankfully a small occurrence in Katy, Texas as we are more prone to hot weather. However, as we all know by now, it does certainly hail and snow every once in a while. The irony of us having warm weather is that our home and property is usually not fit for protection against cold climates. This could result in roofs and windows being heavily damaged when there is a hail storm.

Hail can chip away at the integrity of your roof materials and damage it over time. In unlucky events where there is a large hail storm, a ball of ice could easily break through weaker portions of your roof and cause an immediate leak. Some considerations for protection against hail storm is to fortify your windows when there is a storm warning. However, there are some circumstances that are simply unavoidable and will require roof repair.

Here at Allegiance Roofing, we are experts at repairing hail damage to roofs and windows. The first step to our process is giving you a free inspection to see whether or not your roof has suffered hail damage and needs repair. Secondly we will give you a free, no obligation estimate so you can determine the best option to fortify your home. We love our community and seek to form long lasting relationships built on trust and hard work. Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff and roofers today to have any roofing questions answered.